Ermano Maggini (1931-1991) - Comment to edition 1


Der bemalte Vogel (The Painted Bird) for C flute, 1971 (ca. 2'50)

Ikarus for G flute, 1972 (ca.2'25)

Der schwarze Vogel (The black bird) for G flute, 1974 (ca. 4'21)

CANTO V per flauto solo, 1978/79, Lavadina/Intragna (ca. 4'30)

The works for solo flute

The entire flute trilogy had its performance november 22, 1974 at the Wasserkirche in Zürich and The black bird was subsequently dedicated to the memory of Frank Martin, who had died the day before. The composer inserted words of Albert Camus: the flight of birds in daytime appears aimless, toward evening they appear to find an aim, they fly toward something, as happens perphaps toward the end of life.' The flight of the birds is represented in three different ways. The painted bird refers to an image in Jerzy Kosinki's memoir – it is the bird rejected by the flock. Ikarus denotes the overpassing of limits and consequent failure. Canto V in 1978/79 is the final work for solo flute as a part of the 'Canti I-XXI'.

The flute trilogy consisting of compact works lasting only a few minutes, is followed by other early works: vocal pieces for soprano and flute; for baritone, flute and cello; 'Tre Canti Sacri' for cello solo or the solo piano work 'Atem'. (see index of works and Discography: Edition Jecklin Szene Schweiz – CD for these works: JD 311-2)

Evi Kliemand, Fondazione Ermano Maggini Intragna

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