Ermano Maggini (1931-1991) - Comment to edition 3

TRIPTYCHON for organ

Via Crucis (Zurigo 1979) (ca. 20')
Ultima Verba Christi (Zurigo/Intragna 1980/81) (ca. 18/20')
Patmos (Zurigo 1983) (ca. 21')
dedicated to Erich Vollenwyder

The organ Triptychon

Ermano Maggini was always fascinated by both the solo voice and the full-bodied comprehensive register. The organ is the perfect accompaniment to both, and he composed eight works for this instrument within a period of ten years, four of them dedicated to the organist Erich Vollenwyder.
The three works 'Via Crucis, Ultima Verba Christi, Patmos' were initially composed for the organ and were performed for the first time by Erich Vollenwyder on the organ of the Enge Church in Zürich in the early eighties. Many further concerts followed, e.g. 1980 in the Pfarrkirche Schaan, Liechtenstein, 1986 in Cologne Cathedral, 1990 in the Nikolai Church in Leipzig, 1985 at Notre Dame in Paris and in St. Peter’s Church, Zürich. 'Maggini's art is exceedingly subtle, deeply rooted in eloquent sonority.' NZZ 13, November 13, 1984 zm (cf. also CD Edition Jecklin Szene Schweiz, JS 287-2, 1995, as well as discography and index of works).

Evi Kliemand, Fondazione Ermano Maggini Intragna

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